Kidney Patient Education Program

doctor discussing kidney function

At Connecticut Kidney and Hypertension Specialists, we offer an extensive education program that helps patients with advancing chronic kidney disease to improve their lives.

We have designed a unique and patient-centered series of education sessions to help patients better understand kidney disease and help prepare for the future.

If you have questions about our patient-centered education program and/or would like to sign-up please contact us or one of our providers can also assist you.

Patient Education Program at CT Kidney & Hypertension Specialists

Patients improve their outcome with our unique, patient-centered education.

provider discussing kidney functions

Patients who undergo education are better prepared to start dialysis if necessary, may experience a delay in needing to start dialysis or avoid dialysis altogether.

In addition, they are more satisfied with their healthcare experience.

Education sessions are designed one on one with the patient and their families, led by our nurse practitioner educator in a private comfortable setting.

The individualized education allows the educator to connect personally to each patient and meet their unique needs.

Ask your physician about which sessions are right for you.

ckd patient education workshops

The more you know about chronic kidney disease, the more empowered you will be to make smart choices and take the necessary steps to manage your health. These tools are designed to educate you more about Chronic Kidney Disease and help navigate the complexity of your care.

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